Ethan Marshall

Ethan Marshall

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First Name * Ethan
Last Name * Marshall
Username * FloodMonkey
Country * USA
City North Vernon
Nationality United States
Languages English



Availability: student
Twitter @Flood_Monkey


Still learning but suppose were all constantly learning. Worked on a few little projects mostly revolving around different tutorials and a few of my own but still rusty. If I could choose anything to do with cg I think in the end I would love to be working in visual effects. I haven't started doing any visual effects stuff as of yet because I feel I should get a good grasp of modelling and some other things before I delve into particles and fluids and all the other aspects of visual effects. I mostly feel that's what I want to do because its what amazes me the most in cg. I go to almost any movie and the visual effects just amaze me.